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We have been using Eagle Reminders software for more than a year now and it has been a significant help in terms of reduced broken appointments and overall patient communication. Our patients really love all text and email communications. I would say it is one of the best investments we have made in our office.
Dr N, Philadelphia
” Our office is very selective when choosing additional modules to help keep us efficient. With rising overhead and decreasing patient attention spans, Eagle Reminders have been an incredible tool for handling both. The automated system has replaced the costly and arduous task of staff manually calling to confirm patient appointments, and patient attendance to appointments has increased drastically as texts and emails appear to be the communication of choice for most. The savings in efficiency and productivity of patients not missing productive appointments makes it so that the fee is recouped many times over, as modest as it is. A rare silver bullet in today’s complex practice environment. Customer service is also fast and reliable. I highly recommend Eagle Reminders. “
Dr P, Atlanta
” Eagle Reminders has been used at our office for over a year, not only does the staff love it but so do our patients. As we all know patients can be forgetful, with this software patients can get automatic email and text reminders of all upcoming appointments. Our office has seen less cancellations and more happy faces! With this user friendly software, our offices overall performance and patient satisfaction has increased tremendously. We highly recommend Eagle Reminders. “
Dr H, Philadelphia
” Eagle reminders has made life so much easier with scheduling and reminding recalls and appointments. Patients love the text message confirmation and email reminders. Everything is customizable to our office. The set up was simple and the best part is that it’s half the cost of the competitors. “
Dr P, Yardley
” EagleReminders has been the most valuable software that I have implemented at my office. Not only was the installation a breeze, the user interface is simple and effective. My employees were able to learn how to use the software instantly and now we use it daily in the automatic mode. Furthermore, the ability to customize the messages and emails is great! Support is a non-issue, however we know it is only one call away. Since we implemented EagleReminders, we have seen our no-show and cancellation rate decrease by 80%! Patients have commented during their appointments that they prefer the convenient and quick text reminder as they don’t need to or can’t answer the phone. They love being able to just send a text back to confirm and only have to call if needed. I would highly recommend this software to any dental practice! “
Dr C, Atlanta